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Vancouver, BC


Summer 2017 Home Page

at the moment

This summer I'm exploring Central + Eastern Canada, from Toronto to Newfoundland.

Paint palette + brushes in hand.


A selection of new  { unplanned and spontaneous }  paintings will be available throughout the journey.

Usually, folks on my email newsletter get first dibs on everything.

For this trip only, I'll be sharing completed and available pieces on Instagram in a first come, first serve fashion.

No auctions this time - I'm saving up my giving for an extra special initiative this Fall.

- And bringing more play into my creative practise for now, instead. - 


I'm saving ten of the best and wildest paintings from camping and hiking Newfoundland's coast for a solo show coming up this fall.

Ten of my Haida Gwaii horizons will be shown beside these new east coast ones at Kafka's in Vancouver.

The show opens September 29th. 


I hope you can join us!