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Field Notes

June Studio Table

Marisa Pahl

To me, food is personal, intimate and exciting. It brings people together in such flawlessly sincere ways. If I could, I would cook for you — and every person in my life — as my own default way of “getting to know you.”

As an introvert, my magic dream life involves a lot of space for meaningful conversation, slow leisurely meals and endless opportunities for deep listening, mutual collaboration and idea sharing.

This idea has been brewing for years and I am so pleased to finally host the first one!

Right now, I’m setup in my friend Annie’s studio for May + June. We call it the Lakehouse Studio because its in East Van, right beside Trout Lake. The doors open fully onto a beautiful field that functions as a dog park in the daytime. It is a magical spot that lights up beautifully in the golden hour, and occasionally in the in between hours. 

Our first family style dinner is vegetarian, featuring some of my favourite summer dishes. Many inspired by Yotem Ottolenghi, Heidi Swanson and Angela Liddon. The unromantic key of this one is that everything must be tasty even if it’s not straight out of the oven. Since there is no oven there!



carrot ginger + balsamic beet dips with crackers

burnt green onion + scrunchy kale salad

squash with roasted tomato, lime crema + cashews

dal makhani

garlic naan

drinks + dessert TBA


There are 8-10 places for each studio table dinner. Sometimes less, as I may invite collectors or clients personally. You can sign up below to receive ONLY studio table invites. (Folks on my regular collectors newsletter get first dibs, before anyone else, always.) Once tickets go live I will send out a quick note so people can grab one. You’ll hear about a dinner coming up a few weeks before on Instagram or my collector's newsletter.


Dinner tickets are $30.

Meals are all vegetarian, vegan or plant based. Special dietary requests may be accommodated for, please email to ask with specifics. 


While some drinks will be served, you are welcome to bring a drink, alcoholic or otherwise, that you would like to enjoy or have others sample. This is not necessary! If you ask what you can contribute, I will say, "your presence, your ideas, your conversation, your listening."

I hope to see you at a studio table now or in the future!