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Limited Edition Print - Future Oceans - October 10th, 2016

Screenshot 2017-06-11 21.13.57.png
Screenshot 2017-06-11 21.13.57.png

Limited Edition Print - Future Oceans - October 10th, 2016


$10 from each print is donated to Pull Together.

{  https://vimeo.com/211535415  }


These limited edition prints are archival quality reproductions of the tiny watercolour landscapes from my 50 day Future Oceans project in Fall 2016. Professionally printed by Fidelis Art Prints on a softly textured bright white watercolour paper. Prints are 4 x 6 inches with straight edges. The painting rests in the centre of the paper, confined to a 37 x 37 mm square - just like the original painting. Prints are embossed with a raised circle and signed by Marisa in pencil.

  • there are 25 prints in this edition.
  • for now, these prints are only available to order on June 16th, 17th and 18th, 2017
  • prints will ship before June 28th
  • local pickup is not available for this item


Interested in the raw Poplar framing? Email studio@marisapahl.com to see if there are any left from the show. If not, this framing will be available again in the shop after September 1st.

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🙋🏻 Ocean Advocate: Natalie Parra, with Keiko Conservation. 

Keiko Conservation is an organization dedicated to finding and creating easy and accessible ways for anyone to participate in marine conservation from anywhere in the world. Our five international chapters work in the USA, Italy, Russia, Ecuador, and Japan and are 100% volunteer based.

🌎 Location: Hawaiian Islands
✌️ Action: Every day we actively work on bringing people together from all over the world to change local legislature, organize cleanups, create viral campaigns, and more. We believe we are stronger in numbers and want to bring as many ocean lovers together as possible to speak up from those without a voice! We are constantly growing our team of international supporters and would love for you to get involved!