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Available Paintings

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There were almost fifty of these tiny ocean landscapes in this series. These beauties are the few that are yet unclaimed. A couple of my favourites, to be quite honest. Each one is inspired by a conversation with a brilliant, badass, hardworking ocean advocate. Want more of this?  Visit the print shop.


Haida Gwaii

I visited the islands of Haida Gwaii in 2016. Hiked the expansive white sand beaches of Graham Island. Slept beside otters, eagles and murrelets. Unplugged for ten days. Stargazed. Got engaged to the person of my dreams. These shorelines captivated my mind. The light was soft and bright. Unpredictable and perfectly familiar, all at the same time. To me, these paintings are tiny anchors of pure joy. The way it feels to have your toes in the sand. Eyes on the sky. Surrounded by the sound of waves. Clarity and heart bursting connection to nature. Wellness + one-ness. 



Newfoundland was another world. Rough, rocky, red cliffs. Marshlands and tropical looking plant life. Puffins, humpbacks and more moose than people. Empty beaches and gracious hosts. The eerie glow of islands in fog, with the sun shining through. Pink rocks and lime green lichen. Deep northern waters. Tiny red and white flowers. Fields of purple irises. Ice bergs floating by. For me these paintings are a window to feel effortlessly present. Wind in your hair, mist on your cheeks. Eyes squinting into the sun.