Marisa is an artist working at the intersection of environment, education and social practise.

With a BA in Psychology and love of the natural world, Marisa's creative energy is focused on exploring human relationships with wild places. Can these connections become a spark for more intentional living and treading lighter on the earth?

Marisa explores her own relationship with wild places by painting watercolours in the backcountry, working in an extremely small scale on multi day paddling or hiking trips. Back in the studio, the format shifts to interviewing wilderness advocates about the unique places they work to protect. Paintings become a response to these conversations and a way to process the knowledge gained. A painting becomes a vessel for each story, enabling it to reach more people. Each 37 x 37 mm watercolour landscape has an abstract, colour study pair where colours and geometry flow together. Often a series is anchored in a specific dialogue about wilderness, sustainability and individual action.

In 2014 Marisa had her first solo show. Since then she has continued to show her work regularly in gallery and installation settings. Highlights of 2017 include being selected as an exhibitor for Kate Duncan's regional design event, Address Assembly. In June, Marisa hosted a solo show at the Gam Gallery for her Future Oceans series. In October, a series of 36 paintings inspired by journeys to Haida Gwaii and Newfoundland were featured in a solo show called Coastlines at Kafka's.

Marisa's paintings reside in collections in Canada, The United States, Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.