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frequently asked questions

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Hello! Thank you for your interest. Feel free to use any photos on this site, as long as they are credited accordingly (if the photographer is unnamed, it's me!)

  • Email me for a full press kit, including high res photos. The 'about' page here is a great place to get to know me and my work.

  • I'm happy to do interviews in person and by phone, even on short notice

  • Do you run a podcast or blog? I'd love to contribute.

  • Is your community anchored in a shared love of wilderness? I'll happily work with you on a feature article, collaboration or community challenge.

  • Other topics that relate to my work: minimalism, zero waste journeys, slow living, slow fashion, sustainability, watercolour, colour studies, creative community.

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In 2018 I am not accepting commissions for single paintings, in order to open up my schedule to work with non profits and wilderness organizations. These packages are centred around different purposes. Email me for a PDF guide to this process.

Celebrating. Commission a series of original watercolours that celebrate a milestone or collective achievement. Display the paintings in your office or give as gifts to key players.

Giving generously. Commission a painting that celebrates a wild place you support together, give limited edition prints as gifts to patrons, donors or staff.

Fundraising. Commission a painting (or a small series) inspired by a wild place your organization is working to protect. Invite your community to invest in limited edition prints where 50% of each sale goes to you. My studio takes care of all fulfillment. 


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What is a print, exactly?

The prints in my shop are printed professionally by Fidelis Fine Art Prints using archival quality ink on a heavyweight, softly textured MOAB brand paper. I recently discovered a serendipitous combination of paper and ink that lets the colourful transparent qualities of watercolour shine through. The main difference that you'll notice visually between a painting and a print from my shop is that the edges of a print are cut straight, not ripped like my paintings. Prints are embossed (which is a fancy way of saying there is a raised circle on the paper) and signed by me.

Prints in the shop are printed to order, which means they take 1 week to arrive back at the studio. It takes us another few days to package and ship them off to you!

Prints are offered in standard 4 x 6 and 5 x 7 inch sizes, which makes them easy to frame.

This Wild Road + Future Oceans prints are in limited editions of 25, meaning only 25 will ever be printed. Each print is numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Bonus: our packaging is now 100% plastic free! You're welcome, ocean.



Painting collections are released a few times each year. If you don't see anything that speaks to you in my shop, please do email me for a PDF of available work. Thank you!



Interior Designers

Oh hi! I'd love to collaborate with you on a feature, style or shoot. My work is especially fun to play with in small spaces or for clients who choose sustainable, future friendly materials. After meeting a neighbour in my favourite local coffee shop Gene who paints vintage vans, I have a someday dream of styling a tiny home, laneway or VW van with my tiny paintings inside. In my opinion, no home is too small for original art.

Designers receive a discount on prints and I am happy to arrange custom framing for you. Email me at studio@marisapahl.com to get a VIP code for 20% off print purchases.

Lately I'm exploring a larger format for my abstract colour studies. I setup beside a river or near the ocean and paint just before the sun goes down. The world lights up magically in that golden hour. This body of work is evolving in a fun, playful way and I'm now booking on location colour studies for collectors in this format. Contact me to discuss details.



There are a few options for shipping  during check out. This mainly serves Canadians and local Vancouverites. Custom shipping is calculated based on your address. After your order is placed, a shipping invoice will be emailed if there is an additional shipping fee. Payment is accepted by e-transfer or online checkout.

Small flat packages - within Canada  and the USA. Canada Post, 3-5 business days, $5 - $30 depending on number of pieces, weight, dimensions + gift wrapping.

Single Framed Works - Canada Post or DHL, 5-7 business days, $25-$50 per package within North America. Price depends on type of framing, dimensions, weight, gift wrapping etc. International orders can be surprisingly high for a single framed work, despite the small size. For example, $75 to Australia with tracking.

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