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For the Wild - Thank you

Thank you

for joining this wilderness loving community.

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photo by Alexa Mazarello


sharing knowledge makes me happy.

My creative practise is fuelled by stories of rad people doing great work in support of the environment. And of course, my ever evolving research into human relationships with wild places. That's why I'm here, balanced on tip toes, waving my hands in the air. Asking you to be part of this conversation.

I think we both know that that our collective knowledge of land and water today will shape the future integrity of our physical world in a very real way. That's why I'm elbowing my way into your inbox, with love notes for the environment and nuggets of wisdom from some of the brightest minds and biggest hearts in environmental advocacy, awareness and action.

I hope you enjoy my weekly roundup of intelligent, positive news + stories, through an artist's lens on the world. My intention is to spark deep, feel good conservations. And to cultivate informed optimism, in an easy light-hearted kinda way.

I truly believe that optimism is contagious. 

It's not about ignoring the state of the world, or all the negative things that are happening all around us.

It's about being open to facts and success stories that illustrate where the greatest potential lies for positive change. It's about giving generously to people and causes we support, with our time, attention, energy and expertise.

It's about starting today, with one thing.

For the wild,

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