October + November, 2016

Future Oceans

a selection of watercolour landscapes + abstract colour studies


The knowledge that a person holds is biased by the region they inhabit, how they spend their days and the things they have experienced. When it comes to complex, global issues like climate change or our changing oceans, knowledge becomes intricate and specific in new ways. A person can be quite knowledgable and educated on an issue while still having no grasp of the affects and impacts this situation has on nearby people, animals, communities and ecosystems. This experience for an individual is not unlike a doctor saying they don't know much about medicine. In many professions, the more a person knows, the more they are aware of how much they don't know.

Plastic pollution and ocean health is highly localized to the region a person calls home and those they visit. These physical spaces are often not adjacent and so a disconnect is naturally built into their network of place based knowledge regarding plastic pollution.

Pahl spoke with fifty ocean advocates about an ocean location they feel connected to and one small action they do daily in support of healthy oceans. This conversation juxtaposed their highly unique advocacy or career work alongside normal, everyday things that any person could reasonably do. The idea was to start meaningful conversations to listen to first person perspectives. When executed, paintings and stories were shared on social media. Viewers were invited to begin with one small action in support of the ocean, today.