My creative process is a map of human connections to wild places. This exploration is ongoing and unfolds from different individual and collective perspectives. What am I looking for? I want to know how our relationships with wild places spark intentional living and sustained shifts in behaviour. The small daily actions we take in support of the environment, the things we do on purpose, our continued impact on the earth - what sparks positive change?

East, west, north, south, the fight for the future integrity of wilderness lands and waterways is bringing people together when so many other issues divide. These ongoing legal and political battles around the globe are uniting people across faiths, culture, heritage, gender and age.

As a tenth generation Canadian living on the unceded, ancestral territories of the Coast Salish people, I am only just beginning to understand my family's history as settlers here. From where I stand, our individual wilderness relationships are threads that come together to illustrate a collective past and future.