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Sexy + Environmentally Sound: Framing, Our Way

Marisa Pahl

I want to live in a world where people make every day choices with the future in mind. Paying a little bit more (or doing without) until there are enough resources to choose something functional, durable and non toxic that will last a lifetime or better yet, seven. 

It’s true that this is easier said than done. What gets less time in the limelight is the momentum that comes from starting with one thing, today. A tiny rush of good vibes from one thing can be the initial spark for a positive feedback loop that leads to a multitude of small daily actions. Eventually, this is how a lifestyle shift occurs (or begins… because, is a thoughtful person ever really finished improving, refining and designing their life?)

Some people call this greenwashing. Doing one thing = a joke. The conversation is all about guilt and the infinite number of things you’re not doing. The harm you are doing by simply existing in a system that values cheap, convenient consumerism becomes the icing on a giant layer cake of overwhelm.

For me, the desire to tread lighter on the earth is not driven by guilt. It is all about possibility, resilience and optimism. Optimism grounded in knowledge and action.

For example:

  • we know that ecological systems are capable of recovery
  • we know that less pollution, less plastic and less waste allow ecological systems to recover, grow and become resilient
  • we know that our current economic systems are growing exponentially at a rate that will destroy many individual ecosystems on our planet in less than 100 years
  • one way to change this trajectory is to individually create less waste, less plastic and less pollution

AKA it’s not all over. The environmental apocalypse is not (quite) here. We can turn around and move in the opposite direction. Why not get started?

For those of you who don't believe in conscious consumerism, can we agree that it's a gateway to other, even more powerful choices like active citizenship, grassroots organizing + political engagement?

I’m not perfect, but I prefer to focus on what I’m able to do. You may discover that this feeling is contagious. The more folks you find who believe that that their small actions are meaningful, the easier it is to get excited about what you can do. And are already doing. 

My friend Lindsay Coulter calls this “building islands of sanity in an insane world.”

I’m pretty into her philosophy and it makes me feel like all this stuff matters. A lot. That’s why I believe it’s worthwhile to offer a framing choice for my collectors that is simple, stunning and environmentally sound.

  • Even though Ikea has lots of cheap, pretty frames. 
  • Even though you could probably get 100 wood frames on Amazon or Ali Baba for $30.
  • Even though there are a million inexpensive, beautiful looking frames at Michaels, West Elm + Walmart.

What I discovered is even if you decide to go down the deep dark rabbit hole of custom professional framing, there are very few frame options that are an unfinished + unpainted hardwood. 

That’s why I created this for you.

Its not the cheapest option. It’s not the fastest option.

It is worth your consideration (in my humble opinion.)


We are proud to share that these frames are:

  • handcrafted in Canada (Vancouver, actually)
  • made of raw Poplar, completely unfinished (no varnish, paint or resin)
  • simple, classic, sexy profile
  • durable and resistant to dents (thanks to the qualities of this hardwood)
  • may last forever, if you you treat them nice (or decompose completely if left outside)
  • can be repaired or turned into something else, if they ever break


I hope some of this conversation resonates with you. Even if this framing choice isn’t right for you right now, I trust that you’ll make a choice that fits you and your life right now. If you need alternative ideas: some of my collectors buy vintage frames, or find the perfect fit in a secondhand shop. Some folks are crafty and make their own, or rescue one from a friend or family’s giveaway pile.

If you have any questions about the framing process, I’m happy to answer any and all of them! Just email me at studio@marisapahl.com