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Limited Edition Print - in support of the Nathan E. Stewart diesel spill clean up in Heiltsuk Territory


Limited Edition Print - in support of the Nathan E. Stewart diesel spill clean up in Heiltsuk Territory

Marisa Pahl

photo by Jess Housty

photo by Jess Housty

The Why

The recent diesel spill on the central coast from sunken tugboat Nathan E. Stewart has been weighing heavy on me. I live in Vancouver but I'm connected to a number of Bella Bella residents and organizations through social media. One thing is clear, people are working around the clock to mitigate the effects of this disaster. As of right now, the support this community is receiving from those responsible for the spill does not appear to be sufficient.

I'd like to make a small shift in that trend.

I'm inviting people to invest in a limited edition print of a painting inspired by the waters near Bella Bella. Just over $20 of every sale (50%) goes directly to clean up efforts.

Last month I started a daily painting project where each new painting is inspired by a different ocean advocate. Jess Housty, a member of the Heiltsuk Nation, was one of the first people to share a photo and story with me. I did a tiny watercolour inspired by a photo Jess shared with me. In the painting, a group of Heiltsuk youth are paddling a canoe near Bella Bella.

I'm inviting you to support the diesel spill clean up efforts by investing in a tiny limited edition print - from a 37 x 37 mm watercolour painting. My hope is that this offering will inspire people to donate who may not consider doing so otherwise. If it inspires others to give directly without buying a print - that's even better!

When I'm asked to give a donation of money, sometimes I feel paralyzed. I know how many worthy causes and dedicated people there are who need financial support in order to create positive change. On the BC coast, the abundance of environmental initiatives can be overwhelming. My usual response is to offer time, energy or attention. This time, I know money is what is needed most. What I could give as an individual might be considered modest, though not insignificant. That's one reason why I hope this offering will spark others to give who may not otherwise feel compelled to do so.

People tell me that my tiny watercolour paintings bring a bit of the wild inside. Hanging in a home, they tend to spark conversations about wild places and how we can best support them as individuals. 

  • My goal is to raise a minimum of $1000 with this limited edition print run 
  • If 100 people support this initiative, I'll be able to send over $2000 to the Heiltsuk immediately
  • If for some crazy reason it gets larger than that, the largest print run I will do is 500

Thank you for your support! Consider sharing this with a wilderness loving friend, colleague or family member if you know they would appreciate it.

For the wild,



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