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Vancouver, BC





My paintings begin with a desire to bring the wild inside.


My painting process is fuelled by a desire to connect people with the way we feel when we're close to nature. I feel most at home (and my happiest self) when I'm outside exploring. For me, a successful painting serves as a constant source of connection, inspiration and warmth.


My work in watercolour has a west coast, minimalist feel that infuses a space with calm, bright energy.


When I'm not painting miniature watercolours or working with young folks, you can find me messing up the garden, walking other people's dogs and designing my first tiny home.

My studio is a beach. 


Or a cafe. Or the top of mountain. I paint outside whenever I can and my work is infused with the spirit of each place I visit. 


Some things I know for sure:

  • Wild places are a refuge, a source of inspiration and peace. Seeking them out makes us happier and more alive.
  • People we love should be celebrated on a daily basis, not once or twice a year.
  • Things made by hand are infinitely superior.
  • Art transforms a space into a home and becomes part of our life stories.
  • Spaces curated for the people who inhabit them are a source of energy, positivity and strength.
  • Art is a spark, fuel for intentional living and collective momentum (a rising tide)
  • Art is a calm, peaceful, grounding force (a river of love)
  • Giving generously starts with your time and your attention.
  • No home is too small for original art.



The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life... most of the damage caused by humans is unintentional I think. In response to people saying, "you can't go back," I say, "well what happens when you get to the edge of the cliff? Do you take one step forward or do a 180 degree turn and then take one step forward? Which way are you going? Which direction is progress?


-Yvonne Chouinard



Do feel free to share my work and photos with credit.

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