Artist Statement

This Wild Road is a watercolour chronicle of wilderness connections. Each daily painting maps an individual person's relationship with a specific wild place and how this connection fuels the small daily actions they do in support of the environment - and larger choices that have a positive impact. 


The project was born from a desire to connect with environmental advocates i admire in a meaningful way. I wrote to people (authors, filmmakers, journalists, activists, nature lovers, engineers), asking them to share a photo with me of a wild place they love and one small action they do on a daily basis in support of the environment. This window into other people's worlds became my daily painting practise. Each painting was posted on Instagram for auction for seven days with 50% of the proceeds going to Pacific Wild in support of the powerful work they do for the Great Bear Rainforest and Sea.


Scroll down to the very bottom for references and photos of my abstract process.





My Abstract Process

The slideshow below gives some insight to my abstract process, which is now part of every miniature landscape I paint. These colour swatches are my way of mapping colour when painting outdoors or from a screen. The flowing, layered colours show the relationships between pigments and the relative transparency of each paint. These abstracts also add more joy, play and spontaneity into a practise that is mostly focused on representation imagery.


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