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January 8th Print - This Wild Road

This Wild Road Prints

There are 25 limited edition prints for each of the 100 paintings of This Wild Road series.

January 8th Print - This Wild Road

Screenshot 2016-05-24 11.59.28.png
Screenshot 2016-05-24 11.59.28.png

January 8th Print - This Wild Road


Today's painting is inspired by a photo by Arno Kopecky, a Canadian environmental journalist and author. I read his most recent book, The Oil Man and the Sea, on a seven day trek this summer on the West Coast Trail. The book traces Arno's journey by sailboat up the coast from Vancouver to Kitimaat, the direct route of oil tankers coming from the proposed Enbridge pipeline. The people Arno met during this trip stuck in my mind like characters from the Odyssey (which I've read probably 12 times.) Arno's curiosity and approach to knowledge-seeking has shaped my outlook in a big way.

From Arno: This is at the mouth of the Koeye river on BC's central coast, in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. This place embodies so much of what I love about the west coast, that wild mix of ocean and freshwater and old growth and all the intermingling creatures that thrive in our crazy northern rainforest. Equally inspiring is how the Heiltsuk Nation has been using Koeye as a home base for culture camps and all kinds of ecological research, establishing new models of collaboration with universities and environmental groups in the process. Major plus - there's a great surf beach just a (relatively) short boat ride away.

One thing Arno does daily in support of the environment:
Write, or feel guilty for not writing.


These limited edition prints are archival quality reproductions of the tiny watercolour landscapes from This Wild Road. Professionally printed by Fidelis Art Prints on a softly textured bright white watercolour paper. Prints are 5 x 7 inches with straight edges. The painting rests in the centre of the paper, confined to a 2 x 2" square - just like the original painting. Prints are embossed with a raised circle and signed in pencil.

  • there are 25 prints in this edition.
  • please note orders take 2-3 weeks to ship
  • Vancouverites may bypass local shipping with the code FREESHIP


Made in Canada framing in raw Poplar is available for these pieces. See the 'framing' tab above. Once an order is placed, framing can take an additional 1-2 weeks until it's available for pickup or shipping.

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