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wilderness painting sessions


2016 was a wild ride for many of us. When I thought about what I want to devote more time to this year, painting in the wild came up as a huge hell yes. It's one of those things that when I'm doing it, I am fully and completely (effortlessly) present. The good feelings that come from painting outside don't evaporate afterwards - they have an everlasting quality that continues to lift me up, even when I'm back in urban life.

I'd like to share that feeling. I think it's contagious, in the way that good vibes usually are. So I'm planning some trips to get fellow creatives out on the trail together in September. If this sounds like something that would light you up - take a moment to fill out this Google Survey. It's short and it will help me craft trip plans that are exciting to those of you who are into it. 

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