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Work With Me


work with me

for non profits, businesses and environmental organizations

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connection, community + fundraising 

custom watercolour paintings and print collections that raise money for a place you love

Do you work with an incredible non profit or environmental organization who is supporting the future of wild places, species and ecosystems?

Then I would like to invite you to collaborate with me this year.

Based on your interests, you’re probably someone I deeply admire… and I would feel absolutely privileged to work with you. Especially if it was to design a series of watercolours that celebrate a special place. It would be even more exciting if we could release a print collection that raises funds for your most important work … and brings everyone in your community together.

My process is unique because:

  • We design a project together and sign an agreement of our respective roles but if you’re chosen as a partner, it doesn’t cost a thing for you — as long as we decide to release a print collection together. (Otherwise it’s called a painting commission! Email me if that’s what you’re after.)

  • My role is doing the paintings, sharing my process and shipping print orders directly to customers from my studio.

  • Your role is sharing the stories of the beautiful place featured in each painting, sharing the painting process and finished artworks — and crafting exciting ways to invite folks in your community to participate.

  • We can invite your community to join in the painting process by sharing photos and stories of their own individual connections. Selected participant submissions will become a painting in the series.

Why give money away?

Giving is a foundation of the work that I do. I choose to work with non profits in a way that some artists might partner with a gallery. That means when I release a new series of watercolour paintings or a collection of limited edition prints, it’s often in partnership with a non profit or environmental organization. More importantly, the funds raised support a place I love … or the incredible humans doing the hard work to ensure that place has a future.

I believe it’s worthwhile to actively contribute to building a better world for future generations — and that it’s just fine to start small today. What would Patagonia look like if Yvon Chouinard waited until he was a millionaire before giving back to the environment?

Apply to be a partner if you want to:

  • raise money to support a specific place or ecosystem

  • be part of a thoughtful, meaningful, fun collaboration that sparks small actions for the environment

  • celebrate the magic, uniqueness and diversity of a wild place you’re connected to

  • craft fresh, new and exciting ways for your community to be engaged and support your work

  • share individual people’s stories in your community through an artist's lens

If you’re interested but uncertain … that is so very normal! Filling out the form is simply the start of a conversation, there are no obligations.

If you’d rather have a conversation by phone, Skype, Facetime or Zoom — please be in touch by email and we will get all your questions answered.

Looking forward to meeting you!

For the wild,

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You’re invited to apply here to be one of the partners i choose to create with in 2019-2020.

—open until March 15th—

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For individuals, businesses and other organizations

Thank you for your interest in my artwork. If you would like to commission a painting, a series of paintings or a collection of custom prints to gift — email me! You will receive a guide to commissions and pricing options within 24 hours. I would be grateful for the opportunity to start this conversation with you and share some of the possibilities.

I will also inform you if there is any artwork currently in the studio that meets your needs.

studio (at) marisapahl (dot) com

With respect to your time:

  • Take a moment to familiarize yourself with my work to ensure it’s a good fit. If you’re asking me to paint a family of hamsters, I will likely say no!

  • At the moment, all of my paintings are on paper.

  • My landscape paintings are very very small … 37 x 37 mm to be exact.

  • If you are interested in larger paintings, my abstract colour studies are the best option.

  • I rarely accept commissions for single paintings.

  • I accept a limited number of commissions. If there’s not space in my schedule, you’ll be invited to be on a waitlist.

Thanks for your interest and curiosity!